Gwen Stefani’s Ex Gavin Rossdale Seemingly Dissed Blake Shelton During Las Vegas Show

Gwen Stefani’s Ex Gavin Rossdale Seemingly Dissed Blake Shelton During Las Vegas Show

Gavin Rossdale seemed to diss his ex Gwen Stefani’s man Blake Shelton when he said some negative words about country music, during his show with his band, Bush, in Las Vegas on Mar. 15.

Gavin Rossdale, 53, wasn’t afraid to throw some shade at country music when he performed on stage with Bush during a show at a new venue called The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails in Las Vegas on Mar. 15, and fans seem to think he was also throwing shade at his ex-wife Gwen Stefani‘s 42-year-old boyfriend, Blake Shelton! The British rocker was chatting with the audience during his show when the alleged diss happened. “During Gavin’s performance on stage where he performed with Bush, he appeared to slyly take a dig at Blake by proclaiming, ‘F*ck country music!’ a couple of times and throwing up his middle finger while chugging a glass of wine towards the end of his performance,” a source close to Gavin and Gwen EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He then laughed too as he toasted the crowd with his glass. He never mentioned Blake or Gwen, but everyone took it as a dig at Blake.”

Since Blake’s one of the top country singers in America right now, it would make sense why others would think Gavin’s negative comments about the music genre was also an indirect diss at him. One Twitter user, who was at the show, also took to the social media site to share a video clip from the show and a comment about the diss. “Playing the Barbershop’s small stage in the middle of an unquietable party was an interesting experience for goodnatured Gavin Rossdale. “I feel like a slightly wedding band…Mazel tov!” he joked. Gwen’s former husband also said ‘F—k country music’ at one point. #wewillcutyou,” the tweet read.

Although Gavin didn’t call out Blake by name, it’s very possible he was referring to the fellow musician, who Gwen has been happily involved with since 2015. Gavin and Gwen, who have sons, Kingston, 12, Zuma, 10, and Apollo, 5, together, filed for divorce in Aug. 2015 after spending 13 years together, and there were rumors that Gavin allegedly cheated on Gwen and it was the reason for the split. Their divorce announcement came just three months before Gwen and Blake’s romance was confirmed in Nov.

In Jan. 2019, Gavin EXCLUSIVELY told us that he has been focusing on his kids and his music nowadays, and is open to finding love. “So in my life, my kids are important first, my music is important second, and if I find love, that’s right up there with those two,” he said.

Written By: Erin Silvia

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