Dream Kardashian Throws Adorable St. Patrick’s Day Themed Party For Dad Rob’s Birthday – Pics

Dream Kardashian Throws Adorable St. Patrick’s Day Themed Party For Dad Rob’s Birthday – Pics

What a caring daughter! Dream Kardashian made sure her dad had a wonderful birthday celebration – she ‘planned’ a party just for him!

Now that’s how to show some love! Dream Kardashian, 2, “threw” a birthday party for her 32-year-old dad Rob Kardashian, and aunt Khloé, 34, documented it all on her Instagram! Rob and 30-year-old Blac Chyna’s only daughter made sure her dad was surrounded by love for a fun birthday party catering to, well, it appeared to be kids. While Rob’s birthday is March 17, the family partied together on March 16.

“Dreamy Dream wanted to throw her daddy a special birthday party before she goes to see her mommy,” Khloé shared on her story, explaining why the party was the day before Rob’s birthday. “Her daddy’s birthday is on Sunday (St. [Patrick’s] Day) but she got her cousins together to celebrate,” Khloé continued her caption with a four-leaf clover, rainbow, and green heart emoji. Since the Kardashians highly prioritize family time, it made sense that they made sure Dream would get to spend a birthday celebration with her dad!

Khloé continued to share pictures and videos of the party that Dream “planned’ herself, with decorations of four-leaf clovers, cupcakes, and of course, cake! In honor of Rob’s day of birth, the party was St. Patrick’s Day themed.

Khloé jokingly captioned the videos of the kids running around, “Rob’s wild birthday party!” Khloé attested to how well Dream put the party together: “Dream is a [sic] great at throwing parties,” Khloé said. “Thank you Dreamy! She picked out the decorations, created the invite list, and everything.”

Khloé then looked forward to another celebration – she said, “Get ready Rob for another party on Sunday.” Maybe his party on his actual birthday will be more for the adults, since Dream seemed to plan her party with kids in mind! Also, with Dream’s party-planning skills, maybe Kris will recruit her to help with the annual KarJenner Christmas party? Happy birthday, Rob!

Written By: Elana Rubin

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