Powerball: When & How To Watch Tonight’s $495 Million Jackpot’s Drawing

Powerball: When & How To Watch Tonight’s $495 Million Jackpot’s Drawing

Here’s a complete guide on tonight’s $495 million Powerball drawin!

With no one claiming the winning combination (18-36-45-47-69) on the Mar. 13 Powerball drawing, the jackpot for tonight’s draw has reached an astronomical $495 million, making it the eighth largest in Powerball history. So, if you’re hoping to see if you won big, remember to tune in at 10:59 pm Eastern to watch the winning numbers being read aloud.

And when it comes to how to watch, you can tune in to Powerball’s YouTube channel. However, you can also check out which local TV affiliate has the drawing where you live with Powerball’s complete listings. Of course, on the off-chance you managed to select the winning number combination, you can decide between the 30-payment annuity option or the one-time payout of $300.2 million, before taxes, of course. Winners can also take up to 180 days to claim their prize.

While no one won Wednesday’s drawing, two New York residents did claim $1 million each after they got the first five numbers correct, according to ABC News. Not to be outdone, a Florida resident was able to win $2 million after matching the first five numbers by selecting the Power Play option. We reported earlier how a New Hampshire woman, who a judge ruled could remain anonymous, won the Powerball after matching with the combination 12, 29, 30, 44, 61, and a Powerball 26 on Jan. 6, 2018. “We are excited to announce that a single ticket sold in New Hampshire won the estimated $559.7 million jackpot!” Charlie McIntyre, Powerball Product Group Chairman and Executive Director of the New Hampshire Lottery, said at the time. “Whether the winner(s) choose to take the annuity or lump sum, which is estimated at $352 million, we offer our congratulations and encouragement to take some time to process this life-changing prize.”

Written By: Tim McGovern

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