James Charles Feels He’s At ‘Rock Bottom’ Amid Feud With Tati Westbrook: He’s ‘Not Doing Well’

James Charles Feels He’s At ‘Rock Bottom’ Amid Feud With Tati Westbrook: He’s ‘Not Doing Well’

James Charles has been keeping pretty quiet on social media since Tati Westbrook’s viral video last week, and an insider told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the social media star is at ‘rock bottom’ right now.

James Charles, 19, isn’t doing too well after his former friend Tati Westbrook, 37, posted her video “Bye sister” on May 10, which slammed the 19-year-old for betraying her and promoting a rival vitamin company, and exposed his alleged manipulation of straight men. “James is not doing well right now, he feels like the whole world has turned on him,” a James source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “The level of hate being directed towards him is unbearable. People are being so cruel, the reaction is way overboard and it’s devastating for James. He’s a sensitive person and he’s still very young, he’s taking this very, very hard, he’s rock bottom right now.”

Our insider revealed that James “almost didn’t make it” to his meet and greet in Australia the morning after Tati’s video because he “literally couldn’t stop crying.” James did end up making it to the meet and greet – two hours late. “It’s only gotten worse since then,” our source continued. “His emotional state is very fragile right now.”

“James’ family is also distraught over this,” our source added. “They’re very worried about James’ emotional state and what this is doing to him. And they’re furious with Tati. In their eyes she’s nothing but a bully who has used her platform to try and destroy a kid half her age.” One of the points in Tati’s video was how she was a mentor and mother figure to James, who was at the start of his career when he befriended Tati three years ago. Tati metaphorically “handed” James “back” to his actual mother. James has lost more than three million subscribers since Tati’s video went up, and he has yet to comment beyond his eight-minute response video, which he put up on May 11.

Tati posted another video on May 16, in which she explained why she put up the first video. “I want you guys to know that I don’t hate James Charles,” Tati said in the 18-minute new video. “I don’t want you guys hating on him. I can’t even go online right now. It’s painful to watch someone the you’ve cared about be dragged and to know that this all started because of me, and I don’t think anyone deserves that. I think people deserve a wakeup call, and people need to be called out for their actions.” She later went on to say that she asked to meet James at the Google offices Wednesday night to talk through everything. Viewers have not received an update on whether or not Tati and James met up on May 15.

HollywoodLife reached out for comment, but did not hear back in time for publication.

Written By: Elana Rubin

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