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Kim Kardashian Names Baby No. 4 Psalm West & Fans Have Mixed Reactions: ‘You’re Joking’

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s little blessing, Psalm West, is here, and fans are deeply divided on his name.

Kim Kardashian revealed the highly-anticipated name of her newborn son, and the reactions are… mixed, to be honest. Psalm West is here, and fans aren’t sure if they’re digging the uniquely religious name she and Kanye West have given their fourth kid. Of course, they had to up the ante after naming their other kids North, Saint, and Chicago, but Psalm is still a bold choice even compared to his siblings! A lot of fans are convinced that Kanye just straight up wanted to name the kid “God” (or Yeezus), but Kim put the kibosh on it, so they had to settle for something slightly less religious.

As some clever folks pointed out, the Kardashian sisters’ love using the word “bible” when they say they’re telling the truth. Psalm is a biblical hymn — totally works! Many jumped on that good bible humor while discussing the new baby’s name. “Psalm West. At least they didn’t name the baby Deuteronomy. 🤷🏽‍♀️ ,” one fan tweeted. “When Psalm West turns 23 he’s going to walk through the valley of the shadow and fear no evil,” another one quipped. (psst, this is Psalm 23 ). One fan suggested that it would be cooler if they named him after another biblical passage: Exodus. Okay, Exodus West does seem pretty badass. A mean comment, but a good point — even if Psalm and his siblings’ names are unconventional, “Luckily they are going to grow up rich.”

Other fans are obsessed with the little one’s name. After all, what else would you expect with a couple as extra as Kim and Kanye? “Psalm west is cute tbh,” an admirer tweeted. “Unique. All of their kids names are unique and ik y’all have never met someone named North, Chicago, Saint or Psalm. Meanwhile everybody is recycling the same 10 first and middle names.” Good point! “Psalm West sound cool as f**k not gonna lie,” wrote another. Kim’s Instagram announcement was full of supportive comments, too. “Wowww that is sooo pretty !! Purpose names!! I love it!! ♥️♥️🙌🏾 ” one of her followers commented, with another writing, “Stop haters just appreciate the beautiful picture and welcome to this crazy world bébé West.” Amen!

Should Kim and Kanye have a fifth kid somewhere down the line (hey, Kanye’s on record saying he wants seven!), we see a naming pattern. Daughters are locations, sons are religious. What will be next? Oh, and by the way, if you’re just as confused as everyone else: THIS is how you pronounce Psalm.

Written By: Samantha Wilson

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