LeBron's Banana Boat Pic Recreated By Spurs Stars On Giant Wiener

LeBron’s Banana Boat Pic Recreated By Spurs Stars On Giant Wiener

Manu Ginobili and Spurs

Forget Bron’s Banana Boat

Check Out Our Wiener!

5/17/2019 11:56 AM PDT

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How do you one-up LeBron‘s famous Banana Boat pic? Ya can’t … but this is close!

Manu Ginobili and a bunch of his old Spurs teammates hopped on a giant inflatable hot dog Friday to pay tribute (?) to the most famous flotation device pic ever taken!! 

Here’s the order from front to back … Boris DiawTiago Splitter, Patty Mills and Manu pulling up the rear. 

They’ve even nicknamed themselves the “WienerBoatBoys” … a nod to Bron’s “Banana Boat Crew.” 

Remember, Bron — along with Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Gabrielle Union — hopped on that big yellow floatie back in 2015 in a pic that IMMEDIATELY went viral. 

The funny thing about the new pic … is Manu and his wiener-mates were all part of that San Antonio Spurs team that beat LeBron and D-Wade’s Miami Heat team in the NBA Finals back in 2014!

By the way, the Spurs squad posted about the hot dog ride … 

“Our WienerBoat may have been a bit undersized for us!” Manu said … with Diaw adding “I don’t know if you notice but the hot dog wiener boat is sinking in the back, not in the front.”

Written By: TMZ Staff

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