NeNe Leakes And Kandi Burruss

NeNe Leakes Wishes Kandi A Happy Birthday Amid ‘RHOA’ Cast Feud: ‘See You Tonight’

NeNe Leakes is feuding with so many of her ‘RHOA’ cast mates, but is willing to put aside differences with Kandi Burruss to help her celebrate turning 43. They’re going to party tonight!

NeNe Leakes unfollowed her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars following their drama-filled reunion taping in February. But she and co-star Kandi Burruss seem to have made right by each other in the time since, as they’re planning on celebrating Kandi’s 43rd birthday on May 17 together. Fans were stunned when NeNe posted a goofy photo together with Kandi to her Instagram and wrote “Happy Birthday @kandi This is my absolute fav pic of us that i always love to post! It describes our relationship perfectly 🤣🙄😂Hope to see ya tonight.”

Kandi even responded “Thank you!!! See you tonight!” Fans were floored as many thought the two ladies were still feuding after Kandi and Porsha Williams, 37, went snooping into NeNe’s private home closet in an episode from last season’s RHOA. It enraged the 51-year-old so much, she nearly attacked a cameraman from the show who was filming their antics and screamed at them loudly before throwing her cast mates out of her home. NeNe also flipped out when Cynthia Bailey had a cocktail party and she and Kandi invited former cast mate Kenya Moore, 48, even though Cynthia told NeNe she wasn’t coming and had turned down the invite. Kenya showed up and NeNe lost it, thinking Cynthia and Kandi had been plotting against her.

“The door is cracked?????” several people wrote in the comments of NeNe’s birthday post to Kandi while another wrote “Soooooo is the dooorrrr opennnnnn againnnnn 😂😂😂😂😂😂” “I can never keep up” one fan lamented while another noted “I thought y’all weren’t friends, according to you on the reunion.😂” to NeNe.

“Basically, I guess [NeNe’s] just been online posting like crazy about us, which I find funny ’cause she’s always saying how busy she is, but she has so much time to post about us,” the former Xscape member EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife on March 25, and also noted that she hadn’t spoken with NeNe since the Feb. 7 reunion. So over the course of less than two months, things have warmed up between Kandi and NeNe. Which is great because season 12 of RHOA starts taping in June so at least NeNe will have one less enemy.

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