UFC's Ben Askren Says Tom Cruise Would Beat Justin Bieber's Ass

UFC’s Ben Askren Says Tom Cruise Would Beat Justin Bieber’s Ass

UFC’s Ben Askren

Tom Cruise Would Beat Bieber’s Ass

6/25/2019 6:25 AM PDT


Justin Bieber seems like a wimp” — UFC star Ben Askren

Yep, the biggest stars in the UFC are well-aware of the possible Tom Cruise vs. Justin Bieber superfight … and top ranked welterweight Ben Askren is already picking a winner. 

“I’m gonna say Tom Cruise,” Askren says … “Like, Tom Cruise at least seems like he’s probably been through some sh*t.”

As we previously reported, Bieber’s rep Scooter Braun recently told Dana White he’d be down to fight FOR REAL if Tom signs on … and Dana says it would be the biggest Pay-Per-View fight of all time. 

Ben agrees … “That would make a whole bunch of money!”

Meantime, Askren has his fight to worry about … he’s throwing down with Jorge Masvidal at UFC 239 on July 6. 

But if 56-year-old Tom Cruise does agree to fight 25-year-old Bieber, Askren says he’d be town to train the “Mission Impossible” star … and he’s already got a game plan for him. 

“All I’d teach him is [the double leg takedown] and then beat his ass … little typewriter action on his face!”

Sounds like a plan! 

Written By: TMZ Staff

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