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Queen & Slim: Melina Matsoukas On Curating The Perfect Soundtrack

Grammy Award-winning director Melina Matsoukas has always wanted to tell Black stories, and for more than a decade, that’s exactly what she’s been doing. Most notably known for her visionary work in Beyoncé’s “Formation” – a video that uniquely portrays Black Southern life – Matsoukas is a film maestro inRead More →

Are Queen And Slim Really The Black Bonnie And Clyde? Lena Waithe Says Not Quite

The sun is oppressive on this March day, but the only thing warmer than the Louisiana sun is Lena Waithe’s embrace of her director, Melina Matsoukas. Waithe has welcomed Matsoukas into the circle of reporters visiting the set of their feature film debut, Queen and Slim. The friendship between the twoRead More →

Jodie Turner-Smith On Being The Malcolm X To Daniel Kaluuya’s MLK In ‘Queen & Slim’

Jodie Turner-Smith runs her fingers through her reddish brown, low-cropped fro and smiles through the Louisiana heat. Shooting for her first feature film, Queen & Slim, has taken her from the freezing polar vortex of Ohio to the outskirts of New Orleans. A tiger-striped dress clings to her lithe frameRead More →