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‘LHHATL’: Mimi Tries To Convince Spice Not To Go Through With Skin Bleaching

Spice was still determined to go through with skin bleaching and Mimi Faust attempted to talk her down on the April 15 episode of ‘LHHATL.’

During the April 15 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Spice goes to talk to Yung Joc about her song “Black Hypocrisy” and what she wants to do regarding skin bleaching. She explains that she wants to come out with lighter skin to prove her point about black hypocrisy. Yung Joc asks her how far she’s willing to go. “I want to go all the way,” Spice says to him and even shows him a photo of what she wants to look like. Yung Joc doesn’t know if Spice’s idea about skin bleaching is the best idea. “Spice is beautiful just as God made her. I’m just really not sure if this little light skin girl looking back at me on this photo is going to be in her best interests,” he admits in a confessional. Spice notes that when you bleach your skin in Jamaica people “praise it” and it’s not as taboo as it is in America. Yung Joc tells her to do what she has to do, but warns her that “what you don’t want to be is the laughing stock as the person who tried to prove their point but further made themselves look stupid.”

Later, Mimi and Spice decide to meet up for the first time since their fight at Spice’s photo shoot. “It’s been weeks since I talked to Spice but now that I have my personal business taken care of with Faith and Stevie, I can go back and handle my friendship business with Spice as well,” Mimi says. “I invited Spice to the Sweet Auburn district today. It’s rich with history, all about the Civil Rights movement. People here fought and died to be considered equal. I want Spice to know she shouldn’t have to change the color of her skin to be accepted.”

When they meet again, they both apologize for what they said previously. Spice tells Mimi that she wants to explain herself in a better way. “Spice and I may be having our cultural differences on skin bleaching but people in America have always tried to fight through the discrimination,” Mimi continues. She sets up a tour and it doesn’t take long for Spice and Mimi to continue their heated discussion about skin bleaching. “Black hypocrisy is not just about your skin color. It’s also your hair texture and I think a lot of people need to know that,” Spice stresses.

They both walk out of the tour. Spice says she’s willing to take a risk with the skin bleaching to speak out about black hypocrisy. “The people that love you are going to think you’re selling the f**k out,” Mimi claps back. Spice responds with, “You are a lighter skin and you are privileged because you’re a lighter skin.”

That sets Mimi off. “My mother marched down these streets to be black, to be proud to be black,” Mimi continues. “Don’t fall into the f**king trap and bleach your skin and do just what they’re saying you should do. Make them feel f**king dumb for criticizing you.” Spice refuses to change her mind about the skin bleaching and later goes live on Instagram with her new look.

Written By: Avery Thompson

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