‘RHONY’: Ramona Singer Teases A ‘Big Explosion’ Between Bethenny & Luann This Season

‘RHONY’: Ramona Singer Teases A ‘Big Explosion’ Between Bethenny & Luann This Season

Tension between Bethenny and Luann has been growing on ‘RHONY’, and when asked about it, Ramona Singer told HollywoodLife that it’ll all lead to a ‘big explosion’ — one that ‘shook’ her to her ‘core’.

Bethenny Frankel is finally going to confront Luann de Lesseps during the May 15 episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, according to Bravo’s logline, and Ramona Singer EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that the fight “shook” her to her “core”. When we recently asked Ramona to tease what’s to come later this season, she told us, “There was a big explosion between Bethenny and Luann and shook me to the core to watch it and witness it. I wish that didn’t happen, but it did happen and maybe it happened for a reason.” Ramona didn’t give anymore details, as she wants viewers to witness the fight for themselves, but it sounds like it’s going down tonight.

As we told you, tension between Bethenny and Luann has been growing for quite some time. While Bethenny was instrumental in getting Luann back to rehab last year, Luann hasn’t been acting very grateful. In fact, Luann became angry early in the season, when she discovered that Dorinda saved the nicest room in her Berkshires home for Bethenny. Luann felt she deserved the room more, and actually complained about how people often cater to Bethenny.

Furthermore, Luann became angry after she discovered that Bethenny left her Halloween party before she went out on stage to perform, but to Bethenny’s credit, she had to get home to her daughter and let the babysitter go — she also stayed 30 minutes later than she intended to. The only reason Bethenny didn’t see Luann perform was because Luann came out on stage 35 minutes late, so Bethenny missed it by five minutes.

Anyway, when Bethenny caught wind of how Luann has been feeling, she couldn’t believe it. Especially after everything Bethenny had done to help Luann get her life back on track, following her drunken arrest in Florida in Dec. 2017. Will tonight’s confrontation be the end of Bethenny and Luann’s friendship? Only time will tell, but Bravo says Bethenny won’t be the only one confronting Luann, so this week’s episode is going to get pretty heated.

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Written By: Christopher Rogers

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