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Chris Brown’s GF Ammika Harris Says She Got ‘The Most Beautiful’ B-Day Gift & Fans Think She’s Pregnant

Chris Brown’s rumored love Ammika Harris took to Instagram on May 15 to celebrate her 26th birthday and fans seemed to think her caption hinted about a pregnancy.

Ammika Harris, who is rumored to be dating Chris Brown, 30, shared a special pic and message in honor of her 26th birthday on May 15, and it caused some major speculation that she could be expecting a child! The gorgeous Instagram model posted a snapshot that showed her posing with a 2 and 6 balloon while wearing a sexy silky white slip dress and in the caption, she talked about how excited she was about her new age.

“GETTING OLDER AND WISER EVERY YEAR. IM SO BLESSED WITH THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT I COULD EVER ASKED FOR❤️❤️HELLO 26!!” the caption read. It didn’t take long for fans to speculate that her “beautiful gift” could be a baby. “you pregnant??” one fan asked. “Happy birthday. 💕🎈 are you pregnant? Your glowing EXTRA lol 👀👀👀,” another wrote. “I think being pregnant is the most beautiful gift she’s referring to,” another comment read.

The speculation about Ammika and Chris possible having a baby together isn’t new. The same kind of comments came up when fans thought Chris was calling her a “baby mama” after responding to one of her pics with the comment, “BM BAD”. Since Chris and Ammika have been private about their relationship, it wouldn’t be too surprising if they decided to keep a pregnancy on the down low as much as possible. We guess only time will tell with this one!

If Ammika is indeed expecting a baby, it would be the second child for Chris, who already has four-year-old daughter Royalty.

Written By: Erin Silvia

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