Khloe Kardashian Reveals Why She Acts Cordial With Tristan Around True, Even Though Breakup ‘Sucks’

Khloe Kardashian Reveals Why She Acts Cordial With Tristan Around True, Even Though Breakup ‘Sucks’

Even though she was ‘raw’ from the breakup, Khloe Kardashian invited Tristan Thompson to baby True’s first birthday party, and she defended the decision by saying it was all for her baby girl.

“It does f*cking suck. It does,” Khloe Kardashian said on the upcoming episode of Laura Wasser’s podcast, Divorce Sucks! Even though breakups and divorces suck, Khloe – in the preview of the May 20 episode, obtained by TMZ – explained how she’s working through her pain to keep things chill with Tristan Thompson, even going to far as to explain why she invited him to True Thompson’s first birthday party. “There are moments, because our personal emotions are still in there. Tristan and I broke up not too long ago, so it’s really raw, so those emotions could be heightened at times, so I do everything in my power to [keep her emotions in check.]”

“True, is like, one [year] and a month old, so she doesn’t really know what’s happening,” Khloe continued, “but to me, she does know, and she feels energy, and I’m a big believer of that. So, I do everything in my power to not put…I wouldn’t put any sort of heavy energy around here. Maybe that sounds a little too, like, bohemian to some people.” The conversation shifted to True’s first birthday party, which was the first time the couple was seen together since their split in February 2019.

“I didn’t [invite Tristan] because I thought [True] was going to remember this first party – and first of all, the party, there was like unicorns and puppies and things, she doesn’t even know – it was really for me [to have this] heavenly place,” Khloe said. “But, I know that [True’s] going to want to look back at all of her childhood memories like we all do, me and my sisters, we will sit on the floor, looking at our old photo albums, talking.” “We don’t remember what our parents told us and we act like we know everything about this photo,” added Khloe. “And I want to give her the same thing. And I know her dad is a great person, I know how much he loves her and cares about her. So, I want him to be there. And, it was, y’know, civilized and we did it.”

Will time heal all wounds between Tristan and Khloe? The drama between Khloe and Tristan (over his alleged infidelity with Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods) has died down a bit. Tristan did send flowers to Khloe for Mother’s Day, but as a source EXCLUSIVELY told that the gesture, while sweet, didn’t make her want to see him “at all.” As for his appearance at True’s birthday party, thank Kris Jenner, as a Kardashian insider EXCLUSIVELY told us that Khloe extended the invitation because her “momager” told her to. “Kris has always told her girls that no matter what, they always need to be respectful to the father of their children, and that includes Tristan.”

Written By: Jason Brow

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