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‘The Challenge’ Recap: Part 1 Of The Grueling Final Proves To Be Too Much To Handle For 2 Players

Part one of ‘The Challenge’ final tasks the eight finalists with running and biking a 24 mile race and completing five tricky tasks and puzzles. Unfortunately, two of the competitors just can’t handle it.

The final is underway on The Challenge: War of the Worlds, with three veterans (Cara Maria, Wes and Hunter) and five rookies (Turbo, Georgia, Mattie, Natalie and Turbo) competing to be the solo champion and winner of $750,000. T.J. Lavin explains that the final is the hardest he’s ever seen on the show, and the whole thing is 50 miles long. The first leg takes up 24 of those miles — the players have to run and bike a six mile course FOUR times and complete FIVE tasks/puzzles. Once they complete their first six mile loop, they can decide the order in which they want to finish the rest.

Georgia is able to keep up with Theo and Wes throughout the first run, but once it’s time for the biking portion of her first loop, she begins to struggle. The heat of the super hot desert eventually gets to her, and she nearly passes out on the course. Medics rush to her rescue, and she’s taken away in an ambulance, unable to complete the rest of the challenge. It’s clear that the final is absolutely brutal, as the other players all struggle through certain portions, as well.

In the midst of her second loop, Natalie comes super close to passing out, as well, and even has to get some medical attention. However, after a few minutes of rest, she’s rejuvenated and gets the okay to continue on. The same can’t be said for Mattie, though — she decides to call it quits when she realizes she “just can’t do it.” T.J. assures her she’s a great competitor, but just needs to “lay off the cigarettes,” and she goes out with her head held high.

The remaining six players complete the first leg in the following order: Theo, Wes, Turbo, Natalie, Cara, Hunter. They can all barely walk by the time they’re finished, but they’re given the opportunity to replenish some of their nutrients with IV bags. Cara, who is terrified of medical needles, absolutely freaks out, and decides to pass on the IV, but everyone else gladly accepts.

Meanwhile, T.J. drops a major bomb on the players: The top three from part one of the final will form the Tribunal and be tasked with picking one person to be up for elimination. That means Theo, Wes and Turbo will each cast a vote for either Hunter, Cara or Natalie, but we won’t see the results until the May 22 finale!

Written By: Alyssa Norwin

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