In “Paris,” AYLØ brings a dreamlike romance to Lagos

In “Paris,” AYLØ brings a dreamlike romance to Lagos

Make time right now to slow your hustle and watch the new video from Nigerian artist AYLØ. Taken from his upcoming DNT’ DLT project, “Paris” recreates the slow burn of doubt that a previous relationship can leave inside. AYLØ sings about the disorientation of a lustful first encounter, while the video’s director Candles uses slow zoom-ins that give the feeling of time slowing down in the arms of another. The video ends with the lead walking backwards away from the love interest, insinuating that it’s okay to leave certain moments where they happened in the past.

“It’s about the unnoticed beauty within, ’cause we’re all distracted by colors and perceptions,” AYLØ wrote in an email to The FADER. “Yet Paradise is what you make it, wherever.” Candles also made sure to feature Lagos’ natural beauty: “‘Paris’ is our interpretation of a two-tone love in Lagos, something forgotten but forever felt. The song was inspired by a moment that felt like a dream in Paris and we had to show how that felt through our Lagos scenery. I wanted it to feel very bonny and sporadic.”

Watch the full video above.

Written By: Bryan Hahn

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