Mayor Of Kyoto Sent A Letter To Kim Kardashian Asking Her To Drop ‘Kimono’ Trademark Filing

Mayor Of Kyoto Sent A Letter To Kim Kardashian Asking Her To Drop ‘Kimono’ Trademark Filing

Kim Kardashian set off a firestorm of criticism after revealing her Kimoto line of shapewear, which many have claimed is cultural appropriation.

Just about everyone has weighed in. including Kim herself, who says her new line is “built with inclusivity and diversity at its core.” However, the most credible voice in the controversy is speaking up. 

Daisaku Kadokawa, Mayor of Kyoto, Japan, has issued a formal letter asking Kim Kardashian to drop her trademark filing over the word “kimono.”

“Kimono is a traditional ethnic dress fostered in our rich nature and history with our predecessors’ tireless endeavours and studies, and it is a culture that has been cherished and passed down with care in our living,” he explains in the letter. “We think that the names for ‘Kimono’ are the asset shared with all humanity who love Kimono and its culture therefore they should not be monopolized.”

Kadokawa closed by inviting Kim Kardashian to Kyoto to experience the kimono culture in person to understand the city’s history and to reconsider the trademark.

As mentioned, fans and critics alike took to Twitter to call Kim out after the line was announced, mostly for what they felt was cultural appropriation of the brand’s name. The hashtag #KimOhNo also began to trend, and a petition was started by one Japanese social media user on

Recently, media personality Bevy Smith stopped by BET’s Black Coffee to discuss with hosts Marc Lamont Hill, Gia Peppers and Jameer Pond about the controversy over Kimono. Watch below.

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