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Cardi B Responds to Criticism Over Sexual Lyrics

Cardi B is hitting back at critics who question her lyrics.

During an interview with People TV (via Madame Noire), Jermaine Dupri was asked to name his favorite female rappers. The hosts suggested Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and Megan Thee Stallion. But J.D. wasn’t feeling any of them.

“I can’t really say,” said the So So Def producer while promoting his WE tv documentary “Power, Influence, & Hip Hop: The Remarkable Rise of So So Def.” “The only reason why I can’t say is because I feel they’re all rapping about the same things. I don’t think they’re showing us who’s the best rapper. I think they’re trying to show⁠—for me, it’s like strippers rapping.”

He continued, “As far as rap goes, I’m not getting who is the best rapper, I’m getting like, ‘OK, you got a story about you dancing in the club, you got a story about you dancing in the club, you got a story about you dancing in the club.’ It’s like, ‘OK, who’s going to be the rapper?’”

“At some point, somebody’s going to have to break out of that mold and just show us⁠—talk about other things, just rap about other things besides that,” said Dupri.

After hearing his comments about female rap, Cardi B weighed in to address her own raunchy lyrics. “First of all, I rap about my pussy because she’s my best friend,” said the “Press” rapper. “And second of all, it seems like that’s what people wanna hear.”

“When I did ‘Be Careful,’ people was talking mad shit in the beginning, like, ‘What the f**k is this? This is not what I expected. I expected this, I expected that.’ So it’s like, if that’s what people ain’t tryna hear, then I’ma start rapping about my pussy again.”

She also blasted fans and bloggers for not supporting female MCs who don’t rap about sex. “There’s a lot of female rappers that be rapping they ass off and don’t be talking about they pussy and don’t be talking about getting down and dirty, and y’all don’t be supporting them,” she said. “Y’all don’t be supporting them and they be mad dope. These bloggers don’t support them, they don’t give them the recognition, so don’t blame that shit on us when y’all not the ones that’s supporting them.”

She went on to call out some rappers by name that be “rapping they ass off,” including Tierra Whack, Kamaiyah, Rapsody, and Chika. She urged radio, bloggers, and her fans to support them. “They don’t rap about they va-jay-jay, they don’t rap about sucking dick, and they dope ass rappers,” she said.

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