Cardi B Defends Getting ‘Down & Dirty’ In Her Rap Songs: ‘That’s What People Wanna Hear’

Cardi B Defends Getting ‘Down & Dirty’ In Her Rap Songs: ‘That’s What People Wanna Hear’

Cardi B is coming hard for Jermaine Dupri after he called her and some other female artists ‘strippers rapping.’ She says that her rhymes about getting down and dirty in her songs are what fans want.

Cardi B has put record producer/songwriter Jermaine Dupri on blast after the 46-year-old said today’s crop of female hip hop artists are “strippers rapping.” In a July 11 Instagram video the 26-year-old looked into the camera and preached fire. “Okay guys I have seen a lot of people saying nowadays female rappers only talk about their p***y and sh*t now that Jermaine Dupri brought it up I’m going to say something about it,” she began.

“First of all, I rap about my p***y because she’s my best friend and second of all it’s because it seems like that’s what people want to hear,” Cardi passionately explained. “I don’t give a f**k so let me tell you something: When I did ‘Be Careful’ people was talking mad sh*t in the beginning like ‘What the f**k is this?’ ‘This is not what I was expecting.” The song’s lyrics allude to husband Offset breaking her heart and allegedly cheating on her. “It’s like if that’s what people ain’t trying to hear then I’m going to start rapping about my p***y again,” she said.

Grammy winning Cardi was far from done. “And second of all, female rappers who be rapping their asses off who don’t talk about their p***y and don’t be talking about getting down and dirty and y’all don’t be supporting them and they be mad dope. Bloggers don’t support them, they don’t give them the recognition. So don’t blame that sh*t on us when y’all not the ones who are supporting them.”

Warning, the audio in her rant is NSFW:

During an appearance on PEOPLE Now, Jermaine said he helped Da Brat, 45, pave the way for today’s crop of female rappers. “Brat was the first female artist to go platinum, so we together broke the mold…and since then female rappers have been able to sustain and sell a lot of records, more records than guys, but before Brat that wasn’t happening,” he said.

Then he dissed Cardi, as well as Nicki Minaj, 36, and up and comer Meghan Thee Stallion, 24, when asked how he felt about  them. “I can’t really say. I feel they’re all rapping about the same thing. I don’t think they’re showing us who’s the best rapper. For me, it’s like strippers rapping and as far as rap goes I’m not getting who’s the best,” he responded.

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