Jenelle Evans Reveals Why She Stayed With David Eason After He Killed Her Dog: We’ve Gotten ‘Closer’

Jenelle Evans took to Instagram to reveal why she has stayed with David Eason, and HL has EXCLUSIVE details about what the couple has been up to since the incident.

Jenelle Evans, 27, made a decision after David Eason, 31, killed her dog and she decided to stay with him. She addressed that choice on an Instagram Live today in a fan Q+A. “After knowing my dog wasn’t around, I took the initiative and stayed away from David for about a week,” Jenelle admitted.

“Then we started talking and I said something has to happen,” she said. “So he went and took six anger management classes. We took co-parenting classes. That was really awesome. We told the coparenting lady that we have an issue coparenting with the grandparents.. our moms are hard to deal with. She suggested having all the grandparents coming in and doing a coparenting session. So, I’m probably going to bring that up in court… David‘s been off social media.”

Jenelle also said that she and David are “getting along a lot better” after the murder. “Weve actually gotten a lot closer because of all of this,” she said. “I think going through a hardship has made us stronger as a couple and the fact that we made it through it as a couple.”

Besides attending co-parenting classes with her husband, Jenelle has been “working on her entrepreneurship,” according to a source who spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. “Later this year, she’s doing a book tour. She’s focusing on her businesses, and may later take production meetings for other TV opportunities. And, she wasn’t fired [from Teen Mom 2], she’s just not on this season. David owns his a water company that Jenelle helps with.”

“When the kids were taken, David and Jenelle were both in anger management and they both had psych evals,” the source added. “They’re focusing on bettering themselves and working toward getting to be in a better place. The kids are starting school in two weeks so they’re looking forward to getting them all ready and will take more time to focus on their lives.”

Written By: Elana Rubin

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