Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams ‘Struggling With Trust Issues’ After Betrayal By Kevin Sr.

Although Wendy Williams is loving her new life after divorce, the talk show host is dealing with the after math of her broken marriage with Kevin Hunter. Wendy is dealing with trust issues and she has yet to ‘completely let her walls down’ with any man, even her new boyfriend.

While Wendy Williams is certainly loving the freedom of her new life post-divorce, she’s still getting over her near two-decade marriage with her now estranged husband, Kevin Hunter“Wendy is struggling with trust issues after her marriage to Kevin. As much as she’s enjoying the single life, she has yet to completely let her walls down with any man,” a source close to the daytime talk show host, 54, tells HollywoodLife, EXCLUSIVELY. “Wendy felt completely betrayed by Kevin and she truly thought they would grow old together. He’s all she’s ever known for so long and she’s still adjusting to this transitional period,” the source explains, adding that Wendy’s “still working on figuring out what she wants out of life and that includes what she’s looking for in a potential partner.”

Wendy filed for divorce from Kevin Sr., who was accused of fathering a child with his alleged mistress ahead of their split, in April. She was with Kevin for nearly 22 years, and now she’s just trying to get used to the modern dating life. “As much as Wendy is excited about her new life, it’s really weird dealing with the loss of her marriage, no matter how bad or good. It’s easy to get familiar with aspects of the relationship she had with Kevin and she’s trying to cope with living in a world as a big celebrity and in a new way of dating that is 2019,” a second source says. “The emotions she’s feeling from the anger and grief Kevin’s given her and also remembering the good times and how they have a son together is really throwing her for a loop. She would love nothing more than to find a man, but she knows she has some baggage to deal with and wants to figure that out before she falls in love again,” the insider continues. It is very much a process since things are still so fresh and in her face daily.” 

After dating multiple men, the host admitted that she’s officially off the market when she made “Hot Topics” all about her own life on her talk show on July 8. “I’m not on the market anymore… I’m not in love, but there’s someone I’m crazy about!”, Wendy revealed as she cried to her studio audience. While she gushed over her 50-something, muscular new man, Wendy did not disclose his identity in fear that her relationship would be ruined. Nonetheless, she did hint that the pair have been quite intimate already.

Wendy also opened up about a few lessons she learned after her divorce. “By the way, I still am crazy for the person, but he has his place and I have my place. I love love, but I will never give the key to my apartment that I share with my son. No!”, she explained on her show, July 10. Wendy moved into an apartment with her son, Kevin Jr. 18, in New York City, after she filed for divorce from Kevin Sr.

Written By: Jenna Lemoncelli

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