Love & Hip Hop Star Hit With Alopecia – Lost ALL His Har In Days!!

Love & Hip hop fans were stunned to to see cast member Mister Ray (real name Ray Cunningham) new look. Mister Ray is now completely bald – with threaded eyebrows.

Almost immediately rumors started swirling online that Mister Ray, who is openly gay, may be sick with some sort of mystery illness.

Well Mister Ray went on social media – to clear up the rumors, and claim that he suffered from an acute bout of alopecia, which brought about his hair loss in just  a few days.

Mister Rap claims that he woke up one day and “his eyebrows were  gone.” Then, according to the reality star, his hair started falling out in clumps.

Here’s what he looks used to look like:

And here’s his explanation:

Written By: Tiffany Brockworth

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