NBA Star Kelly Oubre STOLE Actor Terrence J

Actor and TV host Terrence J lost his girlfriend – the two broke up last month MTO News has learned – after she met NBA baller Kelly Oubre.

Terrence J had been dating model Jasmine Sanders for almost 5 years. The two were a fixture on red carpets, and most people believed that the two were headed for marriage.

But last fall, their relationship hit a rough patch. You see Terrence got caught cheating. The former 106 & Park host got into a car accident – and his new $200K McLaren was totaled. The gag was that his side piece was the one driving the car.

Since getting caught, Jasmine and Terrence have been working on their relationship, and most of their friends thought that they gotten through it – and had become and even stronger couple.

Written By: MTO Staff

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