Phaedra & Apollo Join Atlanta Housewives – Bravo Films Meeting w/ Sons!!

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida have both signed on to the new season of Atlanta Housewives – and they are set to film their first scene together next week.

According to MTO News’s top sources in Bravo, Apollo’s first meeting with his two sons will happen next week. And Bravo cameras will be there to capture the tearful reunion between Apollo and his boys.

This will be the first time Apollo has seen his sons, outside of a prison visiting area or FaceTime in more than 5 years – so it’s expected to be emotional.

And pulling off this Apollo-Phaedra reunion on the new season of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta has been difficult for production.

First off, one producer told MTO News that Bravo has had to beef up security while filming with Apollo – because of his criminal background. They also have purchased a special insurance policy to cover them, if anything goes wrong during Apollo’s filming.

Second, Bravo needs to give Phaedra a GIANT bag before she agrees to sign on. Speculation is that Phaedra may become the second highest paid housewife this season, behind only Nene.

Written By: MTO Staff

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