Rihanna Puts On More Weight – Now Over 200 LBS!! (Pics)

Rihanna has been eating well lately, and she’s put on a few pounds. New reports say that the fashionable pop star now weighs over 200 pounds.

New pics were just leaked by paparazzi, showing Rihanna out in Los Angeles – with her much thicker frame.

And for the most part, people on social media are praising the new “thick” Rihanna. She carries the extra weight well and the Bajan bombshell finally has the curves that many of her fans were longing for.

Here’s the pic that has people talking:

Rihanna is 5 foot 8 inches tall, so at 200 pounds most body mass calculators put her body fat at 31%. According to the Federal Drug Agency, a body mass index over 30 is considered obese. 

Written By: Lyndon Abioye

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