Watch Desiire’s hypnotic “Light Down Low”

Watch Desiire’s hypnotic “Light Down Low”

Toronto-based singer/songwriter Desiire dropped his latest video “Light Down Low” on Friday, the perfect hypnotic electro-R&B jam. Produced by Australian producer SPRILL, the hazy synths are the perfect backdrop for the singer’s syrupy vocals.

“A lot of the music I’ve done in the past have all been very structured. ‘Light Down Low’ is for me a chance to focus on creating a vibe,” Desiire explained about the song. “The song is really a conversation with myself about my emotions. The idea of turning my light down low for me means quieting the noise and clutter of my mind and taking control of my feelings, allowing myself to truly feel.”

Its accompanying video, directed by newcomer AYO, places the singer in a world full of slow grooves, vivid color and bright lights, telling a coming of age story full of fashion and art. “For me, the video, is really a continuation of my inner conversation, AYO was able to take my personal story and apply it to a narrative that is universal to the Black Queer and Trans community ” Desiire explained.

Watch the video above.

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Written By: Sajae Elder

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