Candace Owens Disgustingly Lies About Rape Statistics In Baltimore

Conservative pundit Candace Owens claimed Black men in Baltimore is “leading” in rape crime statistics. She was wrong. During an appearance on The Ingraham Angle alongside attorney Monique Pressley, Owens defended Donald Trump’s racist comments about the Maryland metropolis, spewing unfounded allegations about Baltimore. “Do not defend Baltimore as aRead More →

Donald Trump Insults Baltimore, Again: 'It’s Worse Than Honduras'

Donald Trump isn’t done insulting Representative Elijah Cummings or Baltimore, calling the city worse off than the third-world country Honduras. The president even described Baltimore as a “rodent infested mess.”  Trump told reporters, before his Washington Post interview, that Baltimore residents were “living in hell,” tweeting the city had theRead More →

Black 22-Year-Old Software Engineer Murdered By White Neighbor Months After Court Denied Request For Protective Order

A 22-year-old Baltimore resident was gunned down by his 53-year-old white neighbor just months after trying to obtain a protective order against the man. According to ABC 11, Tyrique Hudson was fatally shot in the stairwell of his apartment complex while he was leaving for work on April 15. AfterRead More →

Abusive Boyfriend Arrested For Fatally Shooting His Girlfriend's Friend As She Tried To Help Her Escape

A Baltimore family is mourning the loss of a 21-year-old woman who was shot and killed last week while trying to help a friend flee from a situation of domestic abuse. According to police, the unidentified surviving woman told officers she was involved in a physical altercation with her child’sRead More →

“Lies, Lies, Lies,” Boxer Gervonta Davis Calls Out Reports Saying He Assaulted A Man At A Virginia Mall

An arrest warrant has been issued for boxer Gervonta Davis on a charge of misdemeanor assault in connection with an alleged assault at a Virginia mall, Fairfax County police said Tuesday. Fairfax County Police Lt. John Lieb said the warrant was issued after they heard testimony from the victim. LiebRead More →

Shocking 'Hoax' Twist: Baltimore Police Now Say Husband Who Said Panhandler Stabbed His Wife Staged The Attack With His Daughter

In December 2018, a story about a woman who was allegedly stabbed to death while giving money to a panhandler in Baltimore rocked the nation. Even Oprah Winfrey spoke out about the killing that she said made her weary of ever giving money to anyone on the street ever again.Read More →