Black Women Who Use Permanent Hair Dye And Chemical Straighteners May Increase Their Risk For Breast Cancer, Says New Study

As Black women, it is no secret that we wear our hair in unique styles as a way to express our individuality and unity. We rock edgy haircuts, straight tresses, and colorful dyes that give us that exclusive look, but according to a new study recently published in the International Journal of Cancer, youRead More →

Bhad Bhabie Ignites The Wrath Of Black Twitter By Claiming She Has The Right To Wear Box Braids Since Black Women Wear Wigs

Bhad Bhabie is desperately in search of a life raft after she dived into extremely deep waters with her Instagram statement that downright shamed Black women who opt to wear straight-haired wigs.  RELATED | ‘Bhad Bhabie’ Just Landed A $900K Beauty Deal That’s Already Made $500K In First-Day Sales “To all theRead More →

Exclusive: Beauty Boss Supa Cent Breaks Her Own Record By Making $1.3 Million In One Hour Selling Her Famous Palettes

I reached out to Supa to ask what was different this year. She explained it was simple and said, “I ordered way more inventory.” That’s it. That’s is the secret sauce. If you order the inventory, your followers will purchase it! The sale ran from noon central time until 2Read More →

Kim Kardashian Switches Her Stance And Reveals She Agrees With Kanye West On The Makeup Ban For 6-Year-Old Daughter

When it comes to their 6-year-old dabbling in makeup, Kim eventually agreed with Kanye that North should stay away from the glam, even though she initially encouraged North expressing herself with makeup. “About the makeup thing; I don’t think a kid should really be wearing makeup either, you know? IRead More →

Billionaire Beauty Mogul Kylie Jenner Sells Majority Stake In Kylie Cosmetics For $600 Million

Of all the KarJenner siblings, Kris Jenner really dedicates her time to taking care of her billionaire daughter, Kylie Jenner, and her lucrative cosmetics business. Now, after being adamant about not wanting to sell her company, Kylie has sold a majority stake in Kylie Cosmetics to Coty. RELATED: Kylie Jenner Has Become TheRead More →

Beauty Girls, Beware!: An Outbreak Of Eyelash Lice From Lash Extensions Is Spreading

Women love pampering themselves, in particular getting their eyelashes done. Most of us make appointments at least once a month to get lash extensions installed or touched up. However, according to some optometrists, this popular act of vanity is becoming a bit dangerous as they are seeing an increase inRead More →

Boss Moves! Black Opal's New Owners Acquire Legacy Cosmetics Brand For Women Of Color, Fashion Fair

The world of beauty has a long, intricate history of leaving the Black women they’re supposed to be serving without a seat at the table. Recently, bosses Desiree Rogers and Cheryl Mayberry McKissack took matters into their own hands and decided to build their own table. And it just keepsRead More →

Hairline Helpline: Tory Lanez Credits Tyga And His Hairline Doctor For Helping Him Grow Back His Edges

Rapper Tory Lanez isn’t afraid to ask for some help from a homie, especially when it comes to matters of the hairline, or lack thereof. For an interview on HipHopDX, Tory chopped it up with Buzy Baker about a few things, one of them being his struggle for a newRead More →

Exclusive: 13-Year-Old Gabby Goodwin Aims To Make 7-Figures While In 7th Grade After Landing A Huge Deal With Target

If you’re the parent to a Black child, you probably know the struggle of finding hair products or accessories that can best accentuate your child’s hair while also handling their kinky, coily and curly texture. Mainstream hair bows, barrettes and other accessories aren’t typically made with Black hair in mindRead More →