Bill Cosby

Bill And Camille Cosby React To Robert F. Smith Paying Off Morehouse Graduates’ Student Loans

Robert F. Smith has earned a solid round of applause this past weekend when the billionaire announced the intention to pay off the collective student loan debt for the entire Morehouse College graduating class. In the process, Smith’s gesture caught the attention of Bill and Camille Cosby. The embattled comedian — whoRead More →

Bill Cosby’s Wife Accuses Judge Of Racism For Making Him Look Like A ‘Brutal, Black Buck’

Despite rumors that she’s plotting her exit from their marriage, Bill Cosby‘s wife, Camille Cosby, continues to come to her husband’s defense. Most recently, she took to his Instagram page to accuse a Pennsylvania judge of portraying the incarcerated comedian as a harmful African-American stereotype. Taking aim at Montgomery County JudgeRead More →

Bill Cosby Claims ‘Elder Abuse’ By His Attorneys After They Bill Him $1 Million Per Month In Legal Fees

Bill Cosby is behind bars, but he’s still dealing with some major legal woes stemming from the sexual assault accusations against him, and they are costing him a fortune in fees. According to the Associated Press, the fallen comic is fighting an arbitration award which found that he must payRead More →

Bill Cosby Slams AIG Insurance Again After They Settle Lawsuit With Accuser

Bill Cosby recently slammed his insurance company for settling another lawsuit filed by an accuser without his permission. In a statement posted to the imprisoned actor’s Instagram page, Cosby’s spokesperson Andrew Wyatt accused American International Group Inc. of “egregious behavior,” adding that Cosby could have proven that he was in NewRead More →

Lawyers For Bill Cosby Refute Settlement Claims In Defamation Suit

Embattled comic Bill Cosby has reportedly settled lawsuits filed by seven different women who claim he defamed them when he accused them of lying about being victims of sexual assault. According to NBC News, court documents filed on Friday (April 5) in Springfield, Massachusetts, indicate that both sides have negotiatedRead More →

Bill Cosby’s Fixer Wants To Help R. Kelly And Prevent ‘Another Lynching Of A Black Man In America’

R. Kelly has been the topic of headlines for the past week, with his explosive interview on CBS This Morning — proving that, among other things, his PR practices could use a little help. Enter Bill Cosby‘s public relations guru, who is convinced he can set the disgraced singer on the rightRead More →

Wait, What? Bill Cosby’s Attorney Says The Incarcerated TV Icon Is Having ‘An Amazing Time’ In Prison

Bill Cosby‘s attorney and right-hand man, Andrew Wyatt, is continuing to share details with the outside world about the fallen comedian’s time behind bars. Most recently, he explained that Cosby is actually enjoying his time in prison and is maintaining a sentiment that is sure to upset many. Wyatt, whileRead More →