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Man Arrested After Video Of Him Punching 11-Year-Old Girl At Asheville Mall Goes Viral

A North Carolina man has been arrested after a video showed him punching an 11-year-old Black girl to the ground with a forceful left hook. 51-year-old David Steven Bell, who weighs a hefty 250 pounds, assaulted the victim and her friends outside the Asheville Mall on Saturday. Although it remainsRead More →

Serena Williams Plays At The Australian Open In A Green Bodysuit And Black Fishnet Tights

The GOAT, Serena Williams, is back and slaying with her tennis court style. Serena hit the court at the Australian Open on Tuesday (Jan 15) to play against Germany’s Tatjiana Maria, wearing a custom teal skin-tight bodysuit with black fishnet tights underneath. The jumpsuit was made by Nike especially for Serena,Read More →

Woman Shares Creepy Texts From Man She Met Briefly On Train And Didn’t Give Her Number To

In the year 2019, women everywhere desperately want to leave the stalker-ish antics of creepy men in the past. For one woman, a brief encounter on a train and unsettling string of subsequent text messages reminded her about the disgusting lengths some men will travel just for a date.  Lynda,Read More →

Inside Kate Moss' Fiercely Private World

Shutterstock; Getty Images; Melissa Herwitt/E! Illustration At only 5’7″, Kate Moss wouldn’t have been the obvious choice to become the defining model of her generation. “I said, ‘Well, I think she’s gorgeous, but she’s really little. I have a feeling that she may not work a lot,’” stylist Paul CavacoRead More →