LisaRaye McCoy

Tisha Campbell Responds To LisaRaye’s Explosive Allegations About Duane Martin

LisaRaye McCoy recently shocked her fans when she opened up about Duane Martin allegedly introducing her ex-husband, Michael Misick, to other women while they were married in the hopes of them splitting up. After the former first lady of Turks and Caicos spilled the tea on TV One’s Uncensored, Martin’s soon-to-beRead More →

LisaRaye McCoy Says She Had To Go 'South Side Chicago' On Stacey Dash During ‘Single Ladies’ Filming

Written by Moriba Cummings LisaRaye McCoy is on a roll. After exposing her All of Us co-star Duane Martin for allegedly scheming to break up her marriage, the actress has set her sights on another former colleague — her former Single Ladies co-lead Stacey Dash. During her Uncensored episode that aired on TV OneRead More →

LisaRaye Says Duane Martin Encouraged Her Ex-Husband To Cheat On Her

Nicole Murphy was not the only person who reportedly played a part in dissolving LisaRaye‘s marriage to former chief minister of the Turks and Caicos, Michael Misick. According to the actress, her former All of Us co-star Duane Martin also got close to Misick with the intent on ruining theirRead More →

LisaRaye Challenges Nicole Murphy To Tell Her 'Face To Face' That She Did Not Break Up Her Marriage

Nicole Murphy and LisaRaye are still at odds — to say the least. The deeply seated issues between the two women recently resurfaced during Murphy’s cheating scandal with married director Antoine Fuqua. After watching the mess unfold, LisaRaye spoke out about her own experience with Murphy, accusing her of “messing around”Read More →

OPINION: What 'Hustlers' Says 21 Years After 'The Players Club'

Although four women starred in Hustlers, it is not a women’s empowerment film. Hustlers introduces audiences to a true crime story where instead of a mafia family powered by generations of loyalty and wealth or street gang with manpower and weaponry, viewers are presented with a band of strippers inRead More →