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Kidd Kenn is Chicago’s next teen sensation

When I first heard of Kidd Kenn last year, the 16-year-old Chicago rapper’s music was circulating on Twitter due to him remixing FBG Duck’s “Slide” into a queer bop. “How I rap is magic and it’s the most shocking thing. I’m rapping over the most gangsta street track, with theseRead More →

Listen to a new FADER Mix by MISTERVACATION

Brooklyn DJ MISTERVACATION must delight in creating points of connection between disparate sounds because her new FADER Mix is full of them; each one bursts forth in a shower of renewed party-energy and surprise. The 24-year-old, who’s a medical student by day, has become a staple in the New YorkRead More →

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez is assuming the throne. The Toronto rapper has declared himself the “best rapper alive.” Taking to Twitter, a confident Lanez made the bold declaration and issued a warning to the competition. “IM THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE RIGHT NOW,” he tweeted. “I WILL BODY ANY OF YALL NIGGAS OUTRead More →

Frank Ocean and SZA

Frank Ocean takes on SZA with his cover of “The Weekend.” A year-and-a-half after the song appeared on SZA’s debut album Ctrl, Ocean has shared a snippet of his cover via Instagram Stories. While cruising down the highway at sunset, the reclusive singer filmed the audio playback, tagging SZA withRead More →