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White Woman Pulls Gun On Four Black Teenagers Fundraising For Their Football Team

Four Black teenagers were fundraising door-to-door when a white woman pulled a gun on them. The perpetrator has been identified as Jerri Kelly, the wife of Arkansas jail administrator, Joseph Kelly.  On August 7, Wynne, Arkansas police responded to a call of “suspicious persons” when they found the four BlackRead More →

De’Von Bailey Was Fatally Shot In The Back By Colorado Springs Police. His Family Is Demanding Answers

A Colorado family is demanding justice after unarmed Black man, De’Von Bailey, was shot three times in his back on August 3.  Bodycam footage from the Colorado Springs Police Department shows the 19-year-old fleeing from two police officers when he and another man was questioned about a reported robbery. ThatRead More →

ICE Security Guard Rams Pickup Truck Through Crowd Of Protestors

During a peaceful anti-ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) protest Wednesday evening, a man drove his pickup truck through a line of Jewish protestors.  The incident occurred outside of the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility, a privately run prison operated by ICE in Central Falls, Rhode Island.  The protestors were on-siteRead More →

NFL Players Paid Undocumented Immigrant’s Bail

An undocumented immigrant is no longer in ICE’s (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) custody after two NFL players and other organizations paid his bail. Jose Bello, 22, had been detained in ICE’s detention center for the last three months, telling KTLA, “I could see my whole future going out the window.”Read More →

LA County Scraps Mental Health Jail After Protests Led By Reform LA Jails

A coalition of activists and organizers from Reform L.A. Jails, Justice L.A. and others successfully swayed a majority of Los Angeles County supervisors to vote yes on ending a contract with McCarthy Building Cos. to build an enormous $2.2 billion mental health prison. On Tuesday (August 13), the 3,885-bed facility,Read More →