Washington D.C.

We Spoke To The Leaders Of DC's #Moechella To Learn The Real Meaning Of The Movement

As over 10,000 Washingtonians descended upon Washington, D.C. on Tuesday (May 7), the rest of the world was witnessing a culture-wide renaissance ingeniously dubbed Moechella.  The grand-scale demonstration amplified the city’s gallant, but peaceable, response to usurping D.C. implants currently gentrifying the city and attempting to weed out the rootsRead More →

Prayers Up: Kevin Durant Posts Tribute To 'Adopted Brother' Cliff Dixon After Funeral

Funeral attendees shared pictures of the program as well as videos from the procession to Instagram. Dixon was close friends with Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant, who grew up with the former basketball player in the Washington, D.C., area. As a teen, Durant’s mother took in Dixon, who quicklyRead More →