KeKe Palmer Opens Up About Past Abortion Following The 'Disheartening' Ban In Alabama

Keke Palmer is joining thousands of women who have shared abortion stories since the controversial Alabama and Georgia laws were passed last week. The 25-year-old actress tweeted that she decided to get an abortion because she wasn’t ready to have a child during that portion of her life. “I wasRead More →

Julianna Margulies slams new abortion laws, calls Trump a 'sleazy, cheating and horrible person'

Julianna Margulies did not hold back her feelings about the moves that several states have made to outlaw abortion during an interview Thursday with Verizon Media’s own BUILD Series in New York City. “Old white men telling women what they can do with their bodies is repulsive, and it’s abhorrent,” theRead More →

Alyssa Milano Vows To Fight For Women After Abortion Bans: We Need To Listen & Hear Their Stories

After states like Georgia and Alabama passed archaic bills infringing on women’s lives, Alyssa Milano wants people to sit down and listen to women about their experiences. Alyssa Milano wants to go even further than her proposed Sex Strike after multiple states, including Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio, voted to almostRead More →

Georgia Governor Bashes 'C-List Celebrities' Boycotting Over Abortion Law

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) mocked entertainment figures’ vows to boycott his state because of its new “heartbeat” abortion law, calling opponents ― including Oscar winners Natalie Portman and Sean Penn ― “C-list celebrities.” “I understand that some folks don’t like this new law. I’m fine with that,” Kemp said at the Georgia Republican Convention onRead More →

Anne Hathaway slams 'complicity of the white women' supporting abortion bans

A new wave of anti-abortion legislation has prompted outcry from several celebrities, with Alyssa Milano calling for a sex strike in protest and even Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren decrying Alabama’s new ban as being “too restrictive.” While stars like Pink have lashed out at the white male Alabama state senators who passed a bill making it illegal toRead More →