Black Women Who Use Permanent Hair Dye And Chemical Straighteners May Increase Their Risk For Breast Cancer, Says New Study

As Black women, it is no secret that we wear our hair in unique styles as a way to express our individuality and unity. We rock edgy haircuts, straight tresses, and colorful dyes that give us that exclusive look, but according to a new study recently published in the International Journal of Cancer, youRead More →

Bhad Bhabie Ignites The Wrath Of Black Twitter By Claiming She Has The Right To Wear Box Braids Since Black Women Wear Wigs

Bhad Bhabie is desperately in search of a life raft after she dived into extremely deep waters with her Instagram statement that downright shamed Black women who opt to wear straight-haired wigs.  RELATED | ‘Bhad Bhabie’ Just Landed A $900K Beauty Deal That’s Already Made $500K In First-Day Sales “To all theRead More →

Victoria Beckham's New Priming Moisturizer Is So Good, Husband David Is 'Obsessed' with It

Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Priming Moisturizer Is Loved By David Beckham | Top Navigation Close View image Victoria Beckham’s New Priming Moisturizer Is So Good, Husband David Is ‘Obsessed’ with It this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Source Written By: AbbyRead More →

Exclusive: Beauty Boss Supa Cent Breaks Her Own Record By Making $1.3 Million In One Hour Selling Her Famous Palettes

I reached out to Supa to ask what was different this year. She explained it was simple and said, “I ordered way more inventory.” That’s it. That’s is the secret sauce. If you order the inventory, your followers will purchase it! The sale ran from noon central time until 2Read More →