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As the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast prepared for The Situation’s sentencing hearing on the show’s July 11 episode, JWoww reluctantly opened up about her own struggles following her split from Roger Mathews. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation returned with the second half of season two on July 11 with a TWO hourRead More →

Tiny Jag (Photo: Instagram/tinyjag)

Detroit-based rapper Tiny Jag pulled out of a Detroit, MI music festival this week after she learned that white concert-goers would be charged a higher price than people of color. Jag, also known as Jillian Graham, told the Detroit Metro Times that she found out about AfroFuture Fest’s pay model when a white friendRead More →


Apparently, even the biggest fans in Rihanna’s Navy have been saying her name wrong, & their reactions after getting schooled by Riri are hilarious. Rihanna, 31, looks drop-dead-gorgeous in her new Vogue video, but it’s her words that are grabbing everyone’s attention. When the singer introduces herself in the newRead More →


Have Rihanna‘s fans been pronouncing her name wrong for all these years? It may, in fact, be possible, according to a recent video from British Vogue’s Twitter where the “Diamonds” singer, 31, introduced herself with a very different pronunciation than what some fans were expecting. Instead of pronouncing her nameRead More →

Colton Underwood Period Underwear

Colton Underwood compared period blood to soiling oneself, as he was blown away that the practice of wearing ‘period underwear’ even exists. The ‘Bachelor’ star had a solution. Don’t plan on getting a rose from Colton Underwood, 27, if you wear underwear that was stained from last month’s cycle. The Bachelor starRead More →