There’s a very graphic viral video going around on social media – and the story behind the video is even more incredible than the video itself. Here is the video – Warning it is VERY Graphic A man who is described as a troll – got exposed in the mostRead More →

Five Years Later, We Reflect On How Dumb It Was For Folks To Troll Barack Obama Over His Tan Suit

On Aug. 28, 2014, our president at the time, Barack Obama, held a press conference impeccably dressed in a tan suit. For whatever reason, it became national news with some Republicans and press saying the attire showed a “lack of seriousness” on the Presidents part. Fashion critics weighed in, including theRead More →

Conservative Troll Tomi Lahren Launches A ‘Freedom’ Athleisure Line With A Brand Famous For Producing Leggings With Gun Holsters

Tomi Lahren, infamous for telling athletes to “stay in their own lane” when it comes to their involvement in politics, has stepped out of her political lane and is being dragged for designing athleisure wear allegedly made in China. 27-year-old Tomi Lahren is pretty vocal about her love for DonaldRead More →